About Us

NOOMI positions itself as premium jewellery brand that celebrates the love for jewellery and a passion for craftsmanship. With our commitment to excellence, we create exquisite pieces that reflect individuality and style. Each design is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of elegance and sophistication.
NOOMI is a Swedish name that signifies Grace and Elegance and thus very apt when implied to jewellery that aims to perfect a Woman’s style. Being true to its name, we offer exquisite collection of premium and exclusive jewellery, designed to captivate and enchant.
Elevate your style. Wear a NOOMI
  • Reema Randhawa

An Ex-banker turned Entrepreneur, Reema is a post graduate and a jewellery enthusiast, Reema quit her corporate job to follow her dream of jewellery design. Passionate about creating new designs and with an intention to bring exquisite jewellery, Reema stated NOOMI. 

Reema has creativity deeply rooted. She has a unique approach to design and ensures high standards of quality are maintained. Her manta is “Work hard and Believe in yourself”.

Her vision is to offer fine jewellery & accessories that resonate sophistication at an affordable price. 


  •  Ashish Randhawa 

An entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience., Ashish looks after marketing and business development of NOOMI.



To discover endless possibilities of self expression with our designs.